Before sending children to school, these 5 things must be told, these precautions will work

Today, the fear of Corona is spread all over the world. All other countries including India are eagerly waiting for the Corona vaccine. But until the Covid-19 vaccine is made available to all countries, it is the responsibility of all the elders at home with the government to take full care of the safety of their family.

Small children of the house also come under this protection. Those who will go to their respective schools when the school opens. In such a situation, before sending children to school, you have to teach and explain many important things that have become an important part of life in the Corona period, keeping in mind their safety. Let’s know what those things are.

Give children the mantra of social distancing

Explain the importance of social distancing to children before school starts. Keep the children’s desks far apart so that they remain spaced.

Habit of washing hands

Explain that after touching anything like a door handle, tap handle, clean hands thoroughly. Make it a habit for children to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds. Apart from this, tell children to use hand sanitizer also.

Always wear mask

Explain to children where social distancing is not possible, keep a cloth mask on. Always keep an extra mask in your child’s bag so that if he wants to change his mask, he can do it comfortably. Explain to the child that he does not have to change his mask with his friends.

Avoid sharing food with friends

Tell the children not to eat from their friends’ tiffin box.

Use of the elbow or handkerchief while coughing

Explain to children that whenever they sneeze or cough at school, they should use their handkerchief near their mouth so that the infection does not spread to other children.

This post was published on September 24, 2020 21:07

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