Silence in Lychee Farms, will the government help?

Lichi of Muzaffarpur

Renowned lychee farms of Muzaffarpur, Bihar, and silence in farms. The farmers of Minapur are upset due to the lockdown, middlemen are not able to reach farms. The third week of May has started. Litchi on the pend is starting to get red. The farmers now have only two weeks left to sold out. Otherwise, it is believed that it’s a huge loss for farmers. It will be difficult for the litchi producing farmers to bear the economic loss. That too when the farmers here have suffered heavy losses even before vegetable cultivation.
Desperate farmers now have only one hope and help from the government. As a result, the farmers of Minapur have started demanding compensation from the government. On Thursday, Neeraj Kumar of Sahajpur sent a letter to the Chief Minister and made him aware of the suffering of litchi growers and demanded special relief to the farmers who cultivate litchi and mango. Neeraj has demanded a separate compensation to the farmers of litchi and mango growers. Farmers say that if the government does not get immediate compensation, the farmers will be shattered.
Remember that in the third place after Kanti and Mushahari, there is a litchi plantation on 895 hectares of land in Minapur. Litchi is supplied to the entire country including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Lucknow. Lychee of Minapur also has a tremendous demand in Nepal. However, most of the litchi plants have not yet been sold due to lockdown this year. Farmers told that this is the first incident in their life when there is no hustle in lychee farms.

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