Why we celebrate Valentine’s Day

Everyone knows that spring arrives by the month of February. With the arrival of spring, the weather becomes pleasant. There is a new enthusiasm and joy among the people. People get relief from the cold frost and during this comes Valentine’s Day. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the youth regarding Valentine’s Day.

Why and when Valentine’s Day is celebrated? How Valentine’s Day start? What is Valentine’s Week? After all, why is the month of February called the month of love?

Why Valentine’s Day is celebrated?

Valentine’s Day is known as the day of love. On this day people express love. People make this day special by giving gifts to their friend, family, or their partner. This day is not only special for couples, but on this day people also make it special by spending memorable moments with their family and friends. Valentine’s Day is special for all those people who love someone. This is the day when people express their feeling.

When Valentines Day is celebrated?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the second week of February and that date is known as 14th February. People wait for this day throughout the year.

How did Valentine’s Day start?

The popular story behind the beginning of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is named after a Roman Saint “Valentine”. It is said that there was a king of Rome named Claudius. The king felt that people were getting entangled in their family and household by getting married. Attachment to the family is preventing people from joining the army. Those who are in the army are also not giving their hundred percent. Seeing this, the king thought, why should not the marriage be stopped. When people do not get married, their entire focus will be on their work. By thinking this, the king made an announcement that no one would marry in his kingdom. People did not agree with the king, but people did not have the courage to oppose their king. At the same time, Saint Valentine believed to promote love in the world.

Protest against the King by Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine believed that the king was doing injustice to the people by doing this. Meanwhile, some soldiers and officers come to Saint Valentine to solve their dilemma. Saint Valentine opposes the king and gets those soldiers married. After a few days, when the king comes to know about this, the king gets Saint Valentine arrested. For this crime, King ordered their troops to hang Saint Valentine till his death. The day Saint Valentine was hanged was February 14. Since Saint Valentine had made this sacrifice to keep love alive, every year on 14 February, Valentine’s Day was celebrated in his memory. Valentine’s Day is more prevalent in western countries, but today it is being celebrated in most countries including the Asian continent as well as in India.

What is Valentine’s Week?

Valentines week starts from 7th February and lasts for 8 days. The last day is celebrated as Valentine’s Day on 14 February.

All days of valentines week

1. Rose Day

This day is celebrated on 7th February. On this day people express their feelings by giving roses.

2. Propose Day

This day is celebrated on 8th February. On this day couples express their love to their partner. This day is said to be the most romantic day of Valentine’s Week.

3. Chocolate Day

It is celebrated on 9th February. It is the third day of Valentines’ Week. On this day people give chocolates to their partner with the promise of being sweet as the chocolate.

4. Teddy Day

This day is celebrated on 10th February. On this day people gift teddy to each other. This is a soft toy which is very much liked nowadays. This soft toy remains with the people as a memory.

5. Promise Day

This day is celebrated on 11th February. On this day people promise each other to be together for life. They try to keep this promise sincerely, so that their relationship remains strong forever.

6. Hug Day

This day is celebrated on 12th February. On this day people embrace each other and remove all their grievances.

7. Kiss Day

It is the seventh day of Valentine’s Week which is celebrated on 13th February. On this day people express their love by kissing the forehead of their lover.

8. Valentine’s Day

It is the last and most special day of this week which is celebrated on 14th February. On this day, people spend time with their partners, give gifts, greeting cards, and make them feel that they are a special part of their life. The red color is special for this day, on every street, you can adore the beautiful flowers and colorful gifts.

After all, why is the month of February called the month of love?

We briefly explained this in this article, if you read the full article you must understand why February is called the month of love and why people wait for this day every year.

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