A day after Kim Jong’s return, North and South Korea exchange gunfire across border

किम जोंग उन

South Korea’s military has said its troops exchanged fire with North Korea along their tense land border. Let us tell you that amidst all the speculation about Kim Jong Un’s health, news of his recovery came on Saturday along with some photographs.

South Korea says troops from North Korea opened fire on South Korea’s border guard post on Sunday. In addition, the military said in a statement that South Korea fired two rounds of warning to respond to it. However, South Korea says that there has been no loss of South Korea in this firing.

Kim Jong, the ruler of North Korea, appeared in public about 20 days later on Saturday. Earlier there was a lot of speculation about his health. A day after his public exposure, the incident of firing on the border occurred on Sunday.

According to the Korean Central News Agency, Kim Jong Un attended the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Sanchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory on Saturday for the first time after all these speculations. The ceremony was organized in a grand manner on the occasion of World Labor Day, May Day.

Since taking power in 2011, Kim Jong-un has been focused on increasing the country’s military and nuclear power. North Korea’s nuclear proliferation also led to a confrontation with the US. But later he also befriended Trump, promising not to spread nuclear. But it is believed that at the moment when the whole world is busy fighting the corona virus infection, the same Kim has once again started working on his plans.

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