Lockdown extended till May 17 across the country

कोरोना बंदी को दर्शाता एक फोटो

The central government has extended the lockdown by 2 weeks to prevent the spread of the corona virus. The 40-day lockdown in the country is completing on 3rd May. Meanwhile, the Union Home Ministry has announced to increase the lockdown. However, this time the Green and Orange zones will be given more leeway than before. But social distancing rules will continue as before.

The order issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs said that the country has benefited immensely in the fight against the corona virus due to the lockdown. The lockdown is announced to extend from May 4 to the next 2 weeks. Separate guidelines have been prepared for the Red, Green and Orange zones. Considerable discounts have also been given in the Green and Orange zones.

Corona continues to wreak havoc across the country and in the last 24 hours, 1755 new positive cases of corona have been reported and 77 deaths have occurred, 1152 people have died across the country due to the corona virus. According to data from the Union Health Ministry, 35,365 people are still infected with Kovid-19 in the country while 9065 people have become healthy.

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