Will Government End COVID-19 lockdown 2.0 After May 3rd Or Will It Extend?

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After talks with the Chief Ministers of all the states of the country on Monday, the Central Government has now started work on the next action plan of lockdown. Based on the feedback received from the Chief Ministers. Apart from this, all the state governments are also involved in making a complete action plan on lockdown.

As per the current situation, the central government may retain many lockdown restrictions even after May 3rd. However, the nature of lockdown may be different from complete lockdown and the government may give slight relief to the areas which have become green zones after being free from Corona. On the other hand, restrictions can be maintained in areas badly affected by Corona.

During talks with PM Narendra Modi on Monday, Chief Ministers of several states have demanded the PM to increase the lockdown. However, there are some states that have insisted on implementing lockdowns with some concessions rather than full lockdowns.

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