Corona vaccine’s first clinical trial started in America

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The whole world is struggling with the Coronavirus crisis right now. Many countries are busy making vaccines to prevent this pandemic, but no vaccine available until this time. The virus has infected more than 3.5 million people worldwide and more than two and a half million people have died.

American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. has previously tested its vaccine on US patients, as well as Regeneron Pharmaceuticals said that, if this vaccine does not work, another antibody treatment may be available. He says the next drug will be available for study on humans for the first time in June. Also, Gilead Sciences Inc. is working on expanding the manufacturing of the virus treatment, so that it can be used worldwide. With this, Haber Pfizer CEO Albert Borla said in a statement, “In less than four months in our preclinical studies, we will be able to test humans.

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