Hina Khan steps out during lockdown, teaches how to avoid COVID-19 spread after grocery shopping

Hina Khan

Former BigBoss contestant Hina Khan realizes her social responsibility, and shared a video of herself educating the fans about maintaining coronavirus hygiene, post grocery shopping.

Hina shot a video in which she had just returned from the market after buying basic home groceries. Though Hina had been informing fans on corona, this video obliges a pat on her back.

As coronavirus outbreak seems to be far from over as of now, sanitisation and social distancing are the only ways out. Amid the exasperated hodgepodge and naive analysis of coronavirus-crisis, influencers like Hina are buckling up, motivating the masses to not gamble with their safety.

The video captioning, “Just trying to share my way of avoiding the loopholes as we get groceries from outside and it has a high risk of missing something that can be quite fatal. So hope this will be helpful to all of you out there! Stay Safe and let us all avoid silly”, covers of the application of most fundamental home products that are readily accessible in every household for cleaning purposes.

In the video, she catches a bucket full of warm water and supplements it with a small amount of soap and Dettol. Recognising the shortage of sanitizers all over the globe, Hina urges the fans to not waste sanitisation products as they are easily replaceable with primary homecare goods.

This stand also emphasises on how we all have to take an adherent stand against the coronavirus breakdown and keep self-sanitisation as supreme.

“Let’s keep the spirit High”, this is what the daily soap’s’sanskari bahu’ had delivered in one of her previous videos. The clip started with the camera focusing on a doormat, Hina was seen cleaning the mat vigorously with a scrubber in a rhythmic resonance while, she treasured the ambinance with background songs such as “jug ghoomiya thare jaisa na koi.

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